Scrapbook from 1968 to 1969

This is a digital version of a scrapbook made in the late 1960s from Saint John the Evangelist Episcopal Church (March 23, 2021)

Sanctuary Julian Ave. at 15th St.

St. John the Evangelist

120 Julian Ave.
San Francisco, 94103

The Rev. Asa Butterfield, Vicar 1968-70
Nancy Morris, Photographer

Rectory + Patio at 20 Julian Ave
Main Sanctuary Entrance 1661 15th St.

Garden, Friendly Brown Choir Room

Julian Ave. Entrance to Patio
Offices + Parish House
Patio from Rectory roof looking east onto Julian Ave.

Patio from Rectory roof

View of chapel entrance from Friendly Brown Choir Room.

Main Sanctuary

Built in 1909 on exact site of church building destroyed in 1906 earthquake.

Sanctuary prior to Eucharist Sunday A.M.

Administering Chalice at Holy Eucharist

Fr. Asa Butterfield

Anointing & Laying On Hands… Sacrament
of Holy Unction with the Rev. Imo Tiapula

Work Project

December, 1968

St. Matthew’s, San Mateo Youth Group
March 1969
St. Matthew’s, San Mateo Youth Group
in Fr. Ace’s Office


December, 1968



Donna Cain, Bob Blumenstock, Diane and Gary Eberling + David Cain
Dorothy Walker, Donna + Laura Hammond
Gary Eberling + Laura Hammond


Advent Wreath in Front
Reading of Epistle
Lewis Christie


Mary Miller


José Torres, Graciela Causion, Roger Clegg, Glenn Clegg, Martha Butterfield
Ramona Zamot

Clegg Family – Posada Dinner
Chris Hulda Colliander
Martha Stookey at Auction
Mary Miller – Donna Cain

Kris Carver + Martha – Fr. Charles Carter of Panama

Youth Meeting & Rock Mass

Dick York, Berkeley Free Church

February 1969

Fr. B.B. Lyon, Bob Wheeler, Fr. Ace at Youth Meeting
Episcopal Diocesan Youth Meeting
Gordon Clegg, Gail Norris, Molly Cope, Gay Cazanjian, Becky Cole. In Front
Rock Mass… Celebration of the Free Church
Fr. Ace + Fr. Richard York at Celebration of Rock Mass

Rock Mass Music
Free Church Props

Fr. Ace and Fr. Dick York
Rock Mass

Fr. Dick York


March 8, 1969


Cursillo Songfest
Cursillistas come forward for Holy Communion

Cursillo Community at Feast
Don Baldwin – Ada + Irv Griffin
Discussion Groups over “Parable” Film

Work Project

March, 1969


St. Luke’s Youth Paint Offices
St. Timothy’s Youth Paint Sanctuary
St. Timothy’s Takes a Lunch Break
Martha Stooky + Fr. Ace

Palm Sunday


March 30, 1969

Nat Pierce – Fr. Ace + Dick Stookey
Palm Sunday Procession on 15th St.
Fr. Ace + Crucifer Rod Hammond

Reception – Bon Voyage Party

Patio Reception
Emily Wilson Off to England

Sunday Outing with Some Little Friends

March 30, 1969

Outing in Golden Gate Park
“Suffer the Little Children”

Easter, April 6, 1969

“I Am the Resurrection and the Life!”
Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Peace March
Civic Center to the Presidio

April 6, 1969

Up Van Ness Ave
Fr. Ace & Company
Lombard St. from Van Ness
Looking Towards Presidio
Raise the Banner High!!

Martha, Imo Tiapula, Penny Butterfield
Bob, Dan, Imo, Sandy, Sarah, John, Penny


May, 1969

Baptism of Henry Jungmann
Irene Castillo
Rev. Agapito Gomez Reyna + Fr. Ace with Henry Jungmann

Reception – Garden of St. John’s

Baptismal Reception in Patio


Tomas Izquierdo, Agapito Reyna
John & Irene Castillo – Eduardo Majun
Marpolitan, Martha, Irene
Laurence Newman, Sandy Uman, McGregor Family (Liz & Jack)
James Vandermeer, Taffie & Laurence Newman
Bill Baker, Laurence Newman, Sandy

Fr. Ace & Roland Perls
Joe, Rena Grankowski, Imo Tiapula

Parish Meeting

May 6, 1969

Jaíme Reyes interprets in Spanish

Model Cities March

Sponsored by Mission Coalition

May, 1969

St. John’s Representatives
Marshall School
On the Move

Just a Beautiful Afternoon

Of Fun, Relaxation, & Good Food

at the Butterfield’s Home in Mill Valley

May, 1969

José Perez – Jaíme Reyes
Donna Rockwell, Elena, Jose Mario, Fr. Ace, Cesar Marticorena, Martha Butterfield, Jose Perez

Martha Stookey &
the E.C.W. Flea Market Booth

Work Project

Belvedere – Tiburon Youth

June, 1969

Up & At ‘Em!!
Breakfast Prepared by Men of the Parish
Trimming the Hedges
Scraping Windows
Dusting & Getting Ready for Sunday

Confirmation, June 15, 1969

Theo, Betty Hart, Fr. John Thornton St. Stephen’s
Our Choir
Bishop Myers


Bill Baker, Bishop Myers + Dick Stookey in Patio

The Painting Crews

St. Timothy’s Work Party


Becky Cole
A Long Way Down!!
Mark Cretekos, Mike Dobrowski
Rod Hammond

Clean Windows!!
A Dedicated Worker??

A Service of Thanksgiving!!

Sue, Carlos

under construction… Lots more to come…

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