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Badly in need of ecstasy

It’s a problem, especially in cold, gray, winter days. The “life” in your life can vanish. You can lose your purpose and passion. You go through the motions, fulfilling all your duties, but something is wrong.

So you wait, badly in need of ecstasy to pull you out of your flatlined status quo, awaken you, and restore the missing zest.

Welcome to Advent. Here’s a poem to help your journey.

The Advent Prayer
What will come
when all the days
have run upon the nights
and all men climb the tree of Zaccheus
and stretch necks beyond giraffes
to be the first to be blazed
by a star?

We are badly in need of ecstasy.
We freeze in the sun and fever in the shadows.
We die
amid the flowers of the mind.

must come to us from the future
with rings and robes and kisses
and fall upon our self-reproach
with the tears of welcome.

The star-child is turning
in the womb of the virgin.
We dwell in readiness.
Override the babble of our words
with the raw cries of new life.

Be born, stubborn child.
We wait.
— John Shea

See you in the church on Julian Avenue.


This Advent: Alms for Cristosal

Advent is now underway, and again this year we’ll take up a second collection each Sunday for Cristosal.

Cristosal is one of the foremost organizations seeking justice for the people of Central America. You don’t hear much in the news these days about Central America. If you did, your heart would break. As our friend, Kathy Veit, writes:

It is a crisis of violence and forced displacement on a scale seen otherwise only in official war zones. If you are unfamiliar with this crisis (it hasn’t made our front pages since 2015), this recent article provides good background: Trump Administration Suddenly Cancels Refugee Program That Saved Lives of Central American Children. This brief film also brings the story to life.
(See more of what Kathy writes about Cristosal’s work in Central America.)

Our parish has been honored to quietly accompany three young Central Americans–Allan, Mirza, and Isrrael–who fled Honduras and Guatemala for their lives. Each is here on their own, their families and loved ones far away. Allan, recently baptized, is now one of us. Mirza and Isrrael we see less often; their lives are jammed with school, more than one part-time job, soccer, and a little time to just be teenagers. But, in each case, we help as best we can: Safeway cards when the food starts to run out at the end of the month, an occasional hug, maybe a job lead.

But we also need to look at the root of the problem. What drove Allan and Mirza and Isrrael to flee for their lives in the first place? Their stories are part of a much larger one of the violence and oppression that afflicts their countries. It is this reality Cristosal robustly challenges.

You’ll hear more in the days ahead.

When we pass the hat a second time each Sunday of Advent, please give from your heart.

Wednesdays in Advent: Evening prayer at St. John’s

A candle-lit, quiet, prayerful way to end your workday, deepen your Advent prayer, settle into the evening, and prepare for Christmas.

When: Each Wednesday of Advent, beginning December 6th, 6pm
Where: St. John’s, in the nave (unless otherwise specified)
Join us!

December 12: Celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe

From our friends at the Latinx Episcopal community of Our Lady of Guadalupe (now located at Holy Innocents on Fair Oaks):

12/15: An invitation from our friends at CARECEN

In our accompaniment of two of our refugees, Isrrael and Mirza, St. John’s is privileged to partner with CARECEN (Central American Resource Center). Here’s an invitation to their festive holiday party for the families and individuals they serve, including Isrrael and Mirza .

1/27: The Gubbio Project!

We are excited to have been at St. John the Evangelist for two years and to celebrate we are hosting a brunch for you and the guests!

Details: There will be 50 seats for supporters and 50 for guests.
Tickets are $40 and will buy you and a homeless guest a ticket.
Date: January 27 at 11 AM

Click here to request ticket information

You don’t have to be a bishop…

…to have your very own St. John’s MORE LOVE tee shirt!

Last Sunday, Senior Warden Diana McDonnell presented Bishop Gene Robinson with one of our stylish St. John’s tees–one he is sure to love not only because of its timely message but also because it’s purple, the color code for a bishop.

But bishops aren’t the only ones who look great in these shirts!

And you can now have your very own! See our tee shirt sales rep Timm Dobbins!

A visit from Bishop Gene Robinson

This last weekend, Bishop Gene Robinson joined us for the Liturgy in which he delivered a powerful sermon, then, afterward, led a forum covering many topics, including his current work at the Chautauqua Institution, the ways we can fight for ours and others rights in the current political darkeness, and how he survived the many death threats at the time of his installation as bishop. He’s the real McCoy!

Read the story in this week’s Bay Area Reporter.

And here are a few photos, thanks to Susan Hansen, Kathy Veit, and Sarah Lawton.

Powerful sermon

Blessing the new banner made by Timm Dobbins

Giving communion to Audrey and Elena

Leading a forum after the Liturgy

And in case you missed it…

Here’s a closeup of the beadwork on the new banner Timm Dobbins made and gave to us this last weekend. A labor of love to honor our 160-year anniversary.

Tuesday, December 5
5:45am – 1:00pm Sacred Rest
7:00pm – 9:00pm Mission Dharma (Nave)
Wednesday, December 6
5:45am – 1:00pm Sacred Rest
1:00pm – 3:30pm Custodial Service, Entire Building
6:00p – Evening Prayer
Thursday, December 7
9am – Morning prayer with the Gubbio Project
6pm – Bishop’s Committee
Friday, December 8
5:45am – 1:00pm Sacred Rest
noon-11p – Volxkuche
Saturday, December 9
5-11am Julian Pantry (food distribution at 10am)
10:00am – 1:00pm Custodial Service Entire Building
Sunday, December 10
10:15am Choral Eucharist
12:30-6pm Indivisible
Monday, December 11
5:45am – 1:00pm Sacred Rest
6:00pm – 9:00pm Danzantes Xitlali (Nave)
7:00pm – 9:30pm Lone Rangers meeting (Library)See our entire calendar here.
Readings for next Sunday (Reading them in advance can make the Liturgy more powerful for you!)The Rev’d Richard Smith, Ph.D., preaching and presiding

The fourth-quarter rota is here.

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