Matter of Life or Death

From Jeremy, priest in charge

You will have seen the devastating news of the murders at the Masjid Al Noor in Christchurch and Linwood mosque in New Zealand. Here is a response from the local Anglican church:
“This statement is being issued by Bishop Peter Carrell on behalf of the leaders of churches in Christchurch city and Canterbury province –
Church leaders are absolutely devastated at the unprecedented situation in Christchurch this afternoon and our hearts and prayers go to all involved. No religious organisation or group deserves to be the target of someone’s hate – regardless of beliefs. We stand for an Aotearoa New Zealand which will never condone such violence. So across the churches of Christchurch and Canterbury, we are praying for our Muslim brothers and sisters, for those injured and those who have lost loved ones, for the police, ambulance and other emergency services, and for all in the city of Christchurch who are feeling distress and fear due to this event.  We are upholding you all in our prayers. We pray too for the shooter and their supporters, because for any person to do this, they must have such hatred in their hearts, such misalignment of the value of human life, that they too, need our prayer. We thank many others from around our nation and the world who are praying for peace in Christchurch.” *

Right-wing populist anti-immigrant rhetoric is a dangerous and deadly lie.
Racism is a source of dangerous and deadly lies.

A comment by Islamic writer quoting the Anti-Defamation League:
“Every single American murdered by extremists in 2018 was murdered by a white supremacist or far right extremist.    Every Single One.    100%
It isn’t too soon to talk about the toxic role of white supremacy in the New Zealand mosque attack.
It’s too late.”

Moratorium of the Death Penalty
It now seems weirdly apt that our Governor’s action to halt the execution of people in California was announced this week. This is, I believe, a glimmer of the value of life amidst death. I think it also reflects the penultimate sentence in Bishop Carrell’s response above.
For an excellent reflection on the matter, please see Jan Adams’ article here.

With fervent prayers for More Love

If you have thoughts about any of this let me know.

* I have a practice of waiting until those close to an issue have made a statement or response and then sharing that. I do not need to add to the words and, more importantly, colonize the response.

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