The Woman Who Didn’t See the Angel (a reflection)

One of my favorite pictures we have up in our apartment is The Woman Who Didn’t See the Angel by Karolina Larusdottir. Many of her paintings have angels in them, often unseen by the other characters, often looking a little stern, but always looking like they have come to care, to just be there alongside.

The woman looking out of her window need only look the other way to see the angel watching over her. Maybe that’s how the angel likes it, slightly hidden, an unseen but loving presence. Maybe the angel too would like her to turn, to see the angel, to know that the care and love is so close.

As a church community we have seen over the last few weeks that, though physically separated, we are so close to each other in prayer, love and care. As each of us look out through our windows – either our actual ones that let us see through walls, or the little windows into everyone else’s rooms on Zoom – we can rely on there being messengers of God’s love just out of our field of view.

 More Love,

Jeremy Clark-King

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