Diverse People, Inquiring Minds, Open Hearts

Located around the corner from the busy Mission-16th Street-Valencia corridors in San Francisco’s north Mission District, St. John’s has been described by many as an oasis not only for the tranquility of our garden amidst the surrounding bustling streets, or the warm golden light that fills our soaring nave on a sunny day, but because so many have found St. John’s to be a place of loving peace, healing, and renewal in an often all-too-broken world.

Our mission is to live, love, and serve in the hope and joy of the risen Christ.

Our Vision

 We seek to be a Christian community in which people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, cultures, and colors are welcomed and their gifts are celebrated.

Our Core Values

  • We are a dynamic parish of diverse people with open hearts and inquiring minds –
    at St. John’s lives are transformed by encountering the love of God in community.
  • We are radically welcoming, a sanctuary to all who enter this space;
  • We seek and serve Christ in all persons, believing that God dwells in each of us;
  • We respect the dignity of all people;
  • We protect the vulnerable among us – especially our children and elders, the sick, friendless, persecuted, and refugees and immigrants;
  • We promote justice and peace in our neighborhood and in the global community;
  • We faithfully follow in the footsteps of Jesus, making no peace with oppression and resisting all forms of evil;
  • We work to restore the sacred bond between nature and humanity, protecting and celebrating God’s glorious creation, this fragile earth, our island home.
  • We are a parish community bound together in love and united by the Holy Spirit.

This we affirm.