Open Every Saturday at 10m

Every Saturday, Jean Baker and her volunteers deliver food to neighbors in need from our garden. Thanks to donations, especially from The San Francisco-Marin Food Bank, we have enough food to supplement the nutritional needs of about 200 families. The line starts early at the entrance on Julian Avenue. The gate opens at 10am where you enter the garden and are greeted by friendly volunteers behind tables of fresh vegetables and fruit, sometimes eggs and meat, bread and other donations. After filling your own bag with all that you need, you exit through the back on Caledonia Street. For all the challenges of making something like this work smoothly, and there are many, Jean and her crew keep at it week after week. An unlikely cast of characters, working with Jesus, to bring food in these tough economic times to people in our neighborhood and the City.


Monday thru Friday starting at 7am

In mutual ministry with the Gubbio Project, Saint John's offers Sacred Rest and other services for many of our unhoused neighbors. Every day, Monday through Friday, people who need sleep, a bit of food, a person who will listen, can find it at our site. The Nave is sectioned off for sleeping on mats, the kitchen is utilized for coffee and Friday morning breakfast sponsored by different community groups. The garden is a place to socialize, and the library is utilized by various groups providing services, like foot care. The Gubbio Project at Saint John's is a bustling community full of love, grit and compassion. Check out Gubbio Project by visiting their website.



Every Advent we have a second collection fundraising event for Cristosal. According to their website, they "support victims of violence by providing protection when they need it most, repair the effects of human rights violations through strategic court cases, and work with municipalities to build safer, more democratic communities."

El Porvenir

We have strong ties with El Porvenir in Nicaragua, and along with a yearly second collection during Lent, we also make work trips down there to build wells, latrines and other facilities. “El Porvenir” means “the future”, and clean water means a healthier future for rural Nicaraguans. El Porvenir helps the people of Nicaragua build that future by helping them provide clean drinking water for their families and communities. In addition to sustainable water and sanitation projects, El Porvenir provides health and hygiene education and reforestation.


We are fortunate to be a place that houses a wide and diverse community that uses our space on a regular basis and enhances our relationships beyond just ecclesiastical circles.

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