Who We Are


The Rev. Kevin Deal, Vicar

As we look to the year ahead, let us continue to stand as a beacon of hope, unity in diversity, and joy in our neighborhood and city. May we continue to bring more people into the great body of Christ as manifested through St. John the Evangelist. There will be more challenges in the year ahead but together, knowing we are not alone, trusting in Jesus that our work is not in vain, we will get through and we will give thanks for all God has provided.


Ben Dinglasan, Seminarian

In addition to my studies at Bexley Seabury Seminary, I am a trained spiritual director and am also engaged in ministries of support within the LGBTQ+ communities as a member of the Companions of Dorothy the Worker (CDW). I’m so grateful and feel lucky to be participating in the life of St. John’s as part of my vocational formation process.

Father Richard Smith, Ph.D., Priest Associate

A retired Vicar of St. John’s, he holds a doctorate in Ethics and Social Theory from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley and has taught Religious Studies at various Bay Area universities. He has worked for both immigration reform and police reform at the city, state, and national levels. He lives in the Mission with his husband Rob Tan and their son David.


The Rev. Dr. John Eastwood, Assisting Priest; Rector Emeritus



Michael Mallory, Parish Administrator

Michael Mallory not only handles the many administrative and communication responsibilities for the church, but also enriches various parish ministries including providing a homily and serving at the altar.


Daniel Gonzalez, Music Director

This upcoming year will feature more events as music-making once again becomes an in-person activity. I am excited to announce that the SF Chapter of the American Guild of Organists (AGO) is co- sponsoring an organ recital at St. John’s by artist Amanda Mole on the Sunday after Easter.


Gonzalo Guoron, Head Verger

Vergers are responsible for the order and upkeep of a house of worship, including the care of the church buildings, its furnishings, and sacred relics, and preparations for liturgy. Gonzalo does all that and more, including set up of our coffee social after service.

Bishop's Committee

I joined SJE in 2007, and currently serve in the altar party. I was clerk to the Bishop’s Committee for many years (along with my wife, Birgit), Senior Warden from 2016-19, and helped organize the 2021 parish retreat. During these Zoom times, I regularly join the Friday Happy Hour and Wednesday Thinking Aloud groups.

Diana D. McDonnell, Junior Warden

Beth Orbison

I started attending Saint John’s because of the beautiful sermons of Fr. Richard. After experiencing the love for one another and witnessing the impactful work in our community, we made it our spiritual home. We are inspired by each individual’s own experiences, expertise and willingness to discuss and explore the thorny issues of life, theology and social issues. 

St. John’s beckoned me over zoom in the height of the pandemic, when all worship was remote. I was seeking a new church community and the beautiful multi media zoom services kept calling me back. I came to check out the parish in person in early September 2021. From the moment I arrived, I knew the church of More Love was the place for me. I’m a semi-retired nurse practitioner currently working part time at the SF Community Health Center in the Tenderloin District.

Mary Lawrence Hicks

Sophia Zimmerman

I joined SJE in mid-2021 just after moving to SF. A choir member I had just met invited me to see what SJE was all about. She “welcomed this stranger” as God tells us in Matthew 25: 31-40. I was so happy to find a church parish whose arms and minds are open and who are looking not just to speak God’s word but live it. I am honored to join the Bishop’s Committee and hope to lend my time and talents to the various ministries and missions of SJE.

Michelle Porche

As a newer member of the congregation I’m excited to be a part of the many ministries and fellowship opportunities at Saint John’s. This community has been a sanctuary throughout the pandemic.

My time at St. John’s has been one of the great blessings of my time in San Francisco. The St. John’s community has made me a better activist and a better walker of the walk. I also love the people, the values, and the mission.

Dawn Oberg

Hannah Joy Root

I work full time as a designer, but more importantly, I’m a serial crafter and part time athlete. I’m passionate about the people of San Francisco. There’s hardly a boring moment at St.John’s because this church is also passionate about the people of SF and the people of SF are not boring.

I have been a member of St. John’s since 1980. I’ve been singing in the choir since 1985. Other roles I’ve undertaken include: working with people exploring  a ministry in the Church; work in community organizing on housing issues; participating in liturgical roles in lay functions; and serving on the Vestry in former times, and lately on the Bishop’s Committee.

James Borrazas

Dani Ushizima

Being at St. John means meeting incredible people, acting together, and sharing life in an uplifting way. It’s been 15 years with this congregation since I moved from Brazil; they are my family in the Mission. Many of us travelled together to Nicaragua for sanitation projects maintained by the NGO El Porvenir.

Deanery Delegates

Birgit Eschmann

I enjoy serving as a St. John’s representative to the deanery because it allows me to learn about the wider church and how other congregations are dealing with issues that we all face as urban communities of faith. I also serve on the Executive Council of the Diocese, which allows me being a link between the deanery and this governing body.

I enjoy working with the wider church and making connections with congregations that are facing similar challenges, and also those that are different from us. I also enjoy church governance, and am currently co-chair of the Diocese of California deputation to the General Convention of the Episcopal Church.

Sarah Lawton

Bill Sullivan (alternate)

I have been a member of St John’s since 1999. During that time, I have served on the vestry and the bishop’s committee, served as deanery delegate, diocesan convention delegate, member of the vocational discernment committee, rector search committees, and senior warden.

What drew me St. John’s in 2003 is what keeps me here today.  A bright gospel light firmly grounded in the Mission and in the Episcopal Church, St. John’s is a community that seeks to live out our faith both actively and intellectually. We strive to be radically welcoming and we are diverse in many senses of that word.

Nathan Hobbs (alternate)

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