Sunday Morning Service at 10:15am


If you ask people what keeps them coming to St. John’s, nine times out of ten the response is: “The worship, the music, the sincerity of the worship”. “It’s real. It’s authentic. The people really pray and sing together!”. When we gather here to worship God, people really show up, bringing their entire selves, souls, and bodies, to be enveloped by God’s presence. We invite you to join us in receiving the love that God is sharing with us and through us.


Join us on Sunday morning as we worship God together, some of us in the sanctuary and some of us on zoom.

Sunday Compline at 7:10pm

Our small, but mighty choir leads us into the final prayer of the day, Sung Compline, Third Sundays, 7:10pm. It is a great way to end the night and to have a beautiful and moving experience.

The service book can be found here and the version using neumes (medieval musical notation) can be found here

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